Scantech Showcased Its Advanced Handheld 3D Scanners and Automated 3D Measurement Systems at The Quality Show 2023

Oct 27, 2023

At The Quality Show 2023, Scantech showcased its advanced handheld 3D scanners and measurement solutions for quality manufacturing professionals. The event was held from October 24th to October 26th, 2023, at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL, Chicago.

The Quality Show is a biennial event that brings together the latest advances in technology and equipment to enhance quality and productivity in manufacturing processes.

The show features educational sessions by industry experts, live demos, networking opportunities with peers and suppliers, and more.

The Quality Show 2023

Scantech demonstrated its 3D scanners and measurement solutions including KSCAN-Magic, SIMSCAN, TrackScan-Sharp, and AM-DESK, at the event.

The booth attracted numerous visitors who gained insights into how Scantech’s 3D scanners and systems operate and enhance their quality control, inspection, and metrology applications.

Quality Control With 3D Scanning

Quality Control With 3D Scanning

By capturing the shape and size of objects quickly and accurately, Scantech’s handheld 3D scanners make it more flexible and less laborious to measure and inspect parts than basic metrology tools.

Manufacturers can use 3D scanning to speed up quality control processes thanks to accurate and detailed measurement results.

These 3D scanners are widely used for quality control in various industries.

Scantech offers sophisticated inspection solutions for OEMS in the automotive industry, smooth 3D scanning for metrology inspection in the rail transport and shipbuilding industry, advanced 3D technology for inspecting and upgrading heavy machinery, and more to ensure that products and components meet the specifications and standards.

Some of the 3D scanners and solutions that Scantech displayed at The Quality Show include:

Compact 3D Scanner SIMSCAN

The SIMSCAN is a smart and portable 3D scanner that can scan objects of various sizes and shapes with high accuracy and detail.

It has a lightweight and ergonomic design, a high-resolution camera, and a small size, which can scan objects with narrow and hard-to-reach areas up to 0.020 mm accuracy.

Thanks to its robust algorithm, it can also scan in different environments, such as indoors, outdoors, or under direct sunlight. The SIMSCAN is a winner of the Red Dot Award and the China Design Silver Award for its innovative design.

Composite 3D Scanner KSCAN-Magic

Composite 3D Scanner KSCAN-Magic

A handheld 3D scanner that combines infrared laser, blue laser, and photogrammetry to deliver high-speed and high-precision scanning.

It stands out from its competitors by its fast scanning speed of up to 4.15 million measurements/s, large scanning area, and various operating modes to meet different needs.

The KSCAN-Magic can scan small objects like coins to large objects like aeroplane fuselage to obtain precise details. It can also scan complex geometries, such as holes, edges, and corners, with ease.

Optical 3D Measurement System TrackScan-Sharp

Optical 3D Measurement System TrackScan-Sharp

TrackScan-Sharp, an advanced optical tracking 3D measurement system from Scantech., can measure large objects up to 49 m3 and track them from up to 6 meters away.

It uses dynamic tracking and target-free 3D scanning to provide flexible and accurate scanning for various industrial applications. It can also be paired with a T-Probe to measure hidden points and hard-to-reach areas.

Automated 3D Measurement AM-DESK

Automated 3D Measurement AM-DESK

An automated 3D measurement system that consists of a robotic arm, a turntable, and a 3D scanner. The AM-DESK can perform automated scanning of multiple parts with minimal human intervention.

It can also generate comprehensive reports with dimensional analysis, GD&T, deviation maps, and more.

By capturing 3D data

By capturing 3D data, creating 3D models, processing data with inspection software, and generating intuitive inspection reports, our 3D solutions help users improve the efficiency, profitability, and reputation of a business by reducing the waste of resources, preventing defects, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

At the quality show, our 3D scanner booth attracted many customers who were interested in learning more about our 3D solutions.

They discovered how our 3D scanners can capture accurate and detailed data of various objects, and how our 3D software can process and analyze the data for inspection and quality control.

They also exchanged ideas with our experts, who demonstrated the features and benefits of our 3D products and answered their questions. It was a great opportunity for us to showcase our 3D technology and connect with potential customers.

quality manufacturing professionals

Scantech is grateful to all the quality manufacturing professionals who visited our booth at The Quality Show 2023.

We are delighted to assist you in exploring how our handheld 3D scanners and automated 3D measurement systems can help you achieve your quality objectives.

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Scantech Showcased Its Advanced Handheld 3D Scanners and Automated 3D Measurement Systems at The Quality Show 2023


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