SIMSCAN Wins Prestigious China Design Silver Award

Apr 26, 2022

Every year on April 26th, we celebrate World Intellectual Property Day for creativity and the contribution made by creators and innovators to the development of societies across the globe.

Today, on Intellectual Property Day, we are glad to announce that Scantech has won the China Design Silver Award for its compact handheld 3D scanner SIMSCAN. The award is granted by China National Intellectual Property Administration in the 23rd China Patent Award Selection.

China Patent Award, the highest honor in intellectual property in China, is also recognized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). During the evaluation, the products were judged on their professionalism and innovation, as well as their application in the real market.

23rd China Patent Award Selection Results

Source: China National Intellectual Property Administration

It is the second premier award that has been granted to SIMSCAN for its breakthrough design in simplicity, usability, and technology, besides the renowned German Red Dot Award.

This award is a testament to Scantech’s continued efforts and commitment to creativity and technology. As of April 26th, 2022, Scantech has received 86 international patents, among which 31 are invention patents.

Handheld 3D Laser Scanner SIMSCAN

SIMSCAN is a unique form of innovation for this type of technological device. The technology, simplicity, aesthetics, and usability are well-coordinated and harmonized in SIMSCNA.

handheld 3D scanner SIMSCAN

Unparalleled Compact 3D Scanner

With a weight of 570g, SIMSCN subverts the existing 3D scanners in structure. Its compact size allows it to conduct 3D scanning anywhere and anytime, especially in inaccessible areas.

Compared with its competitors, SIMSCAN has a much shorter camera distance, which is 130 mm. Therefore, SIMSCAN is more capable of capturing accurate and complete data in hard-to-reach areas like deep grooves.

3D scanner for narrow spaces

Innovative Heat-dissipation Design

Its all-aluminum alloy shell brings a better heat dissipation. To further improve the users’ experience, the designers crafted the SIMSCAN with a unique design and curve. It enables the users to get in touch with it partly, which can avoid any discomfort caused by the temperature elevation.

Heat-dissipation Design

Ergonomic Concepts

SIMSCAN’s handle perfectly matches the way people take it, due to its ergonomic modern design. It fits perfectly in your palm, truly realizing a perfect fusion of aesthetics and practicality. The strap enables the staff to measure the object in all directions without slipping during the measuring.

Ergonomic Concepts

Ultra HD Camera Lens Module

With built-in two sets of industrial black & white cameras, it has a large wide-angle field of view to scan fast and meticulously. While accurately capturing the 3D data on the object’s surface, it can also capture the details of the object’s texture pattern, thus realizing high-precision scanning.

Ultra HD Camera Lens Module

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SIMSCAN Wins Prestigious China Design Silver Award


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