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SCANTECH’s Full Range of 3D Scanners

Explore 3D laser and structured-light scanners in our brochure. Learn about key factors such as accuracy, resolution, and scanning rate to make an informed choice for your 3D scanning needs.

NimbleTrack Wireless 3D Measurement System

Scantech is thrilled to announce the launch of NimbleTrack, a groundbreaking wireless 3D scanning system designed to revolutionize the way we measure and analyze small-to-medium-sized parts.

AM-CELL C Series Optical Automated 3D Measurement System

Scantech has announced the release of the new optical automated 3D measurement system AM-CELL C. It consists of a robot, positioner, and a tracking station, is developed for efficient and automated inspection of small-to-medium-sized parts

iReal M3 Color 3D Scanner

iReal M Series Color 3D Scanner (M stands for Master) is a brand-new professional 3D scanner series launched by SCANTECH.

TrackScan-Sharp Optical 3D Measurement System

TrackScan-Sharp takes optical metrology to a whole new level with a tracking distance of up to 6m, a volumetric range of 49m³ and a volumetric accuracy of up to 0.049mm (10.4m³).

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