The New Generation of Color 3D Scanner iReal 2S Comes Out

Jul 18, 2019

ScanTech has announced the release of iReal 2S 3D scanner on July 18th, 2019. This new generation of our color 3D scanner has been specially designed for delivering cutting-edge but also easier and faster color 3D measurements. It will be a great problem solver for managing your product development cycle.

3D Scanner iReal 2S

The iReal 2S remains the strength of our handheld 3D scanners like accurate, advanced technologies, portable, and user-friendly. It is also optimized to streamline workflows and facilitates the design iteration process through the following advantages:

● Initiativelyadopts double scattering speckle technology: blue LED light and red invisible spectrum

● CLASS I red spectrum brings you the most comfortable and safest scanning experience

● Super HD texture capturing capacity extremely meets the requirements of texture acquisition

● Versatile alignment for diverse demands: support texture/geometric/markers alignment modes

● Fully automatic post-processing algorithm& ergonomic design

iReal 2S maximizes performances in various aspects such as texture acquisition, accuracy and detail capturing. It achieves a wider range of applications in color texture, health care, industry & art design, culture relics digitalization, VR/AR, education & research, digital sculpture, 3D printing, etc.

Key Features of iReal 2S

1. Double scattering speckle technology

iReal 2S simultaneously adopts blue LED light and Red invisible spectrum. This global initiative technology extends a wider range of work environments.

Blue light offers high-resolution data acquisition with strong anti-interference capacity. The red spectrum is insensitive to different materials and enlarges the scan area with high efficiency.

Top comfortability & safety

color data

2. Top comfortability & safety

Class, I red spectrum brings the most comfortable and safest scanning experience to users. Line-of-sight issues are eliminated. People can freely open their eyes during the scanning process.

Red spectrum scanning overcomes the difficulty to obtain data on hairs and eyes creatively and perfectly. It can be applied to education, medical treatment, public inspection, and other applications.

3. Versatile alignment for diverse demands

iReal 2S color 3D scanner integrates texture/geometric/markers alignment modes.

Scanning without markers: when an object has continuous and irregular textures or geometric features, it can be scanned without any markers base on texture alignment and geometric alignment.

Mixed alignment modes: scanning objects without continuous or irregular textures or geometric features, iReal 2S combines 3 alignment modes and only needs a few markers to finish it.

Versatile alignment for diverse demandstexture data

Overall Update

feature alignment

4. Overall Update

With its ergonomic design and user-friendly interface, users can quickly start even without any experience. This lightweight handheld 3D scanner is easy-carrying by less than 1KG.

5. Perfect match: 3D scanning & AR

ScanTech originally integrates augmented reality technology into 3D scanning. The E-AR device offers you an immersive scanning experience and supports real-time scanning feedback efficiently and flexibly.

Perfect match: 3D scanning & AR

These years, ScanTech has unswervingly stuck to being customer-oriented. We clearly understand the customer demands and problems of color 3D scanning. Our R&D team has greatly evolved over the past few years.

Based on flawless color texture, unrivaled comfortability safety, fast measurement rate, and comprehensive applications, the iReal 2S 3D scanner will be your best alternative to color 3D solutions.

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The New Generation of Color 3D Scanner iReal 2S Comes Out


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