International Top Academic and Industry Leaders Visit Scantech to Explore Cutting-edge 3D Scanning Technology

International Top Academic and Industry Leaders Visit Scantech to Explore Cutting-edge 3D Scanning Technology

May 24, 2024

On May 23rd, 2024, Scantech welcomed a prestigious group of academic and industry leaders to explore its cutting-edge 3D scanning technology and innovative applications.

The event featured a visit from Professor Eduard Reithmeier, director of the Institute for Measurement and Control Technology at the esteemed Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University in Hannover, Germany.

Accompanied by his team and professors from various Chinese top universities, they engaged in comprehensive discussions on research and practical uses of high-precision 3D scanning technology.

Explore Cutting-edge 3D Scanning Technology

The visiting delegation included notable figures from Leibniz University Hannover, such as Dr Professor Edward Reithmeier, Dr Christian Pape, Mr Jan Simon, Mr Leon Vincent Wiese, and Mr Malte Nagel.

The Chinese team was represented by Professor Peng Xiang, chief scientist from Shenzhen University and Shenzhen Anhua Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., Dr Hao Qiang from Baite Medical Equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Associate Professor Yin Yongkai of Shandong University, Dr. Zou Yibo, and Dr. Zou Yibo and postgraduate Zhu Yunxiang from Suzhou University.

They were warmly received by Scantech’s co-founder Davis Chen, CCO Mike Ma, and Senior Director of Product and Support Center Wang Junliang.

During the event, Scantech’s team showcased their innovative products, including the SIMSCAN handheld 3D scanner, the intelligent and wireless NimbleTrack 3D scanner, and automated 3D measurement systems.

3D scanners' precision

Demonstrations highlighted the 3D scanners’ precision, portability, and user-friendliness, sparking keen interest among the visitors.

Discussions delved into the broad applications of measurement technology in both metrological and non-metrological fields, with participants sharing insights and accomplishments in research and application.

Professor Eduard Reithmeier presented an overview of the IMR

Professor Eduard Reithmeier presented an overview of the IMR, detailing their educational, research, and innovative contributions to metrology and control technology.

He underscored the school’s dedication to international collaboration and its commitment to translating academic research into industrial practice.

CCO Mike Ma

CCO Mike Ma of Scantech provided a comprehensive company profile, tracing the significant milestones since its inception and exploring its core operations, particularly in high-precision 3D scanning technology.

He also highlighted the company’s technological advancements and market achievements, especially in product lines like handheld 3D scanners and intelligent wireless optical 3D scanners, noting their application benefits in metrology and inspection.

delivering advanced 3D measurement solutions

Scantech is dedicated to delivering advanced 3D measurement solutions across various industries, including rail transportation, energy, heavy industry, aviation and aerospace, and the automotive sector.

The company’s technologies are now utilized globally, serving a multitude of enterprises. The delegates were notably impressed by Scantech’s R&D prowess and the broad application potential of their products.

Professor Peng Xiang

Professor Peng Xiang was thoroughly impressed by the company’s advanced 3D scanning technology. He noted that the visit provided an in-depth view of Scantech’s capabilities and laid a solid foundation for potential future collaborations.

Professor Xiang expressed that he was particularly impressed by the company’s innovative progress in 3D scanning, acknowledging its significant contribution to the enhancement of measurement and control sectors.

Mr. Mike Ma expressed his hopes that the visit would strengthen the company’s connections with leading universities and corporations around the world. He envisions this exchange as a catalyst for the ongoing advancement of 3D scanning technologies.

Scantech’s commitment to innovation is unwavering, with a focus on developing smarter, wireless, and more compact 3D scanning solutions.

For Scantech, the recognition from esteemed academic and industrial leaders is a testament to its digital innovation and growth.

The company remains steadfast in its mission to drive the development of 3D scanning technology, enhancing product intelligence, portability, and automation through active collaboration with educational and industrial partners.

The research initiative

The research initiative has not only strengthened Scantech’s relationships with various institutions and businesses but also laid a robust foundation for prospective collaborations.

Committed to an innovation-led approach, Scantech aspires to fulfil the global demand for superior products and services, championing the extensive adoption of 3D scanning technology across diverse sectors.

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International Top Academic and Industry Leaders Visit Scantech to Explore Cutting-edge 3D Scanning Technology


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