3D Digitization of Stone Carvings

3D Digitization of Stone Carvings

Feb 12, 2019

In recent years, with the development of 3D scanning and 3D printing, 3D digitization has been applied to the protection, research and display of cultural relics.

ScanTech PRINCE 3D scanner can quickly obtain accurate 3D stl data from stone carvings, improving 3D printing efficiency and accelerating 3D digitization of cultural relics.

What does customer need?

A museum has an artistic stone carving with 2 meters high and 3 meters wide, but it is inconvenient to display due to its huge size and weight.

The museum hopes to use scaled-down models with lightweight materials through 3D printing. In this way, they can be easily displayed, packaged and sold.

miniature model

But before using 3D printing, how to get the digital model of stone carving is the key problem.

The traditional method is that the professional modeler uses computer modeling software for digital modeling, but it takes too much time and high labor costs.

3d modeling by 3d software

However, 3D scanner can fast get 3D stl data of stone carving used for 3D printing.

ScanTech Solution

● Product: PRINCE 3D laser scanner

● 3D scanning of stone carving with stickers

3D scanning of stone carving

● Fast get accurate 3D stl data

The overall 3D stl data
The overall 3D stl data
The partial 3D stl data
The partial 3D stl data

● Making a rough blank by 3D printing

3D printing rough blank

● Finished carving model after polishing and coloring (size of 980*1470mm)

3D printing model

The accurate 3D stl data can highly duplicate digital model, present the information of carving artworks for permanent archiving and also be used for digital display.

ScanTech initiative PRINCE 3D laser scanner can reach the minimum resolution of 0.02mm, which is nearly 5 times as clear as handheld 3D scanners. Hence, PRINCE laser 3D scanner greatly optimizes 3D stl data in detail, and digitization model with high accuracy of different fields can also be fulfilled.

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3D Digitization of Stone Carvings


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