PRINCE775 Handheld 3D Scanner

High efficiency and ultra-high detail is a unique point of PRINCE, benefiting from red and blue laser working modes. It is easy to scan large plane even small coin, widely applied to industrial design, reverse engineering, quality control, quality inspection, culture relic 3D digital,3D film,3D game VR/AR, etc.

Tech Specs

ModeStandard mode RHyperfine mode B
Laser source7 red laser crosses
(+1 extra red laser)
5 blue parallel laser lines
Scan deep holeSupport
Hyperfine scanSupport
Scan rate480,000 measures/s320,000 measures/s
Camera frame rate60fps120fps
Laser classCLASSⅡ (eye-safe)
AccuracyUp to 0.03mm
Volumetric accuracy 10.02mm+0.06mm/m0.01mm+0.06mm/m
Volumetric accuracy 2
(with MSCAN)
Stand-off distance300mm150mm
Depth of field250mm100mm
Effective work range200mm~450mm100mm~200mm
Output formats.ply、.xyz、.dae、.fbx、.ma、.obj、.asc、.stl or customized
Work temperature-10~40℃
Interface modeGigabit Lan
PatentsCN204854633U, WO2017028600, CN105068384, WO2017020648, CN204854633U, CN105049664, CN204902785U, CN104501740 CN204944431U, WO2017024869, CN204963812U, CN106403845, WO2018049843, CN106500627, WO2018072434, CN106500628, WO2018072433, CN206132003U, US10309770B2

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Two Laser Sources in One Scanner

Red and blue laser working modes could rapidly switch according to speed and detail requirement.

Extreme Detail

Resolution is up to 0.02mm, greatly improve detail performance.

Ultra- High Precision

Accuracy is up to 0.03mm,Easily detect tiny deviation

Real-time Visualization

High Adaptability

Ready To Get Started?

Rebuild our 3D world with the most advanced 3D scanning system available.


What is 3D Scanner?

3D Scanner adopts multiple beam laser to obtain 3D point cloud from object surface, confirm the spatial position through reflective marker, then complete 3D point cloud reconstruction.

Weight & Size?

Around 0.9kg & 105mm*160mm*315mm, fit in a handy box & carry into airplane cabin.

Who is using your products?

Boeing, Siemens, COMAC, Volkswagen, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Nissan Group of China.

Why is 3D Laser Scanning Needed?

Reverse Engineering
3D Inspection
3D Visualization
Rapid Prototyping
Virtual Assembly
Automate Production

What is the application of 3D scanner?

Automotive Industry; Aerospace Industry; Rail Transit; Machinery Manufacturing; Architectural Heritage; Home Décor; 3D Visualization; 3D Printing; Education and Research.

Is the scanner safe for the human eye?

Yes, the scanner is a Class II certified product.

What is the warranty?

Our standard warranty is one year and free for software update.
If you have any question, pls contact [email protected]

PRINCE775 Handheld 3D Scanner


How to easily build 3d digital museum
Heritage is too delicate and complex to get the 3D data without damage.


PRINCE with strong ability of high detail capture can get the accurate 3D data of complex heritage, provide high efficient technical support to digitalize museum.

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PRINCE775 Handheld 3D Scanner


Contact measurement can’t acquire the complete data and easy to damage the surface of complex engine cylinder head.


PRINCE 3d scanner provide reliable and accurate 3D data support for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to help manufacturers solve complex manufacturing problems.

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PRINCE775 Handheld 3D Scanner


Automotive chassis parts 3D inspection
It’s difficult to test automotive chassis parts, because Camera 3d scanner is easy to destruct surface and normal handheld 3d scanner can’t reach the high detail requirement.


PRINCE 3d scanner truly perform the nondestructive testing for automotive chassis parts.

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PRINCE775 Handheld 3D Scanner


Complex carving surface block wood sculpture volume production
The wood sculpture is too complex to manual modeling, so automatic production is difficult to reach the manual carving level


PRINCE 3D scanner accurately captures all details of the carving surface, realize automatic high-quality wood carving production.

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3D Model

5 cents coin

Human skull carving

Clay car model