Criminal Investigation— 3D Scanner Applies to Footprint Identification

Criminal Investigation— 3D Scanner Applies to Footprint Identification

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When dealing with criminal investigation cases, footprint is the key factor to arrest suspects, but it is difficult to obtain a high-precision footprint model. Police usually use traditional foot print analysis method, but it doesn’t deliver high efficiency.

Traditional footprint analysis method – Gypsum mold




●  Uneven application of gypsum produces deformation

● Unclear details

● Complex process

● Improper operations will destroy evidences

● Hard to guarantee the accuracy of the footprint

In the field of footprint research analysis, the details of the sole are not easy to get by the traditional footprint collection method. The operation process is complicated, and the evidences will be destroyed with small mistakes.

However, 3D scanner plays an important role in presenting accurate footprint 3D data and simplifying data collection process in short time.


ScanTech solution


ScanTech will use handheld 3D scanner HSCAN331 to capture footprint 3D data. It can simply grasp the shape features when placing markers around the footprint, and form more accurate and realistic 3D data after 3D scanning.

Handheld laser 3D scanner HSCAN331




● High speed & precision

● No damage

●No need to scan in dark environment

detect by handheld 3D scanner

3D scanning process:


Step 1:

Randomly find a footprint in the sand mud as 3D inspection target, and place corresponding markers around it.

Step 2:

Quickly and accurately capture 3D data of footprint by using handheld 3D scanner HSCAN331.

Step 3:

Footprint analysis is performed by collected 3D data and details.

Time cost:

● Attaching markers: 40 seconds

● 3D scanning: 60 seconds

3D scanning data


3D scanning process
HSCAN331 3D scanning process


Footprint 3D point cloud data
Footprint 3D point cloud data


Footprint 3D stl data
Footprint 3D stl data

ScanTech handheld 3D laser scanner HSCAN331 can easily break the limit of traditional method in footprint data collection, and extremely obtain 3D data of objects, efficiently revealing the shape, depth and texture of footprints, that is how to help police correctly determine the suspects through 3D data.

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