3D Scanning Helps in Aircraft Overhaul to Ensure Flight Safety

Jun 10, 2022

01 Case Background

As technology advances and living standard improves, air travelling is becoming a more and more common means of transportation among travelers. It is essential to maintain and repair aircraft parts regularly to ensure proper operations of aircraft and the safety of passengers.

Airplane overhaul

02 Customer Needs

After long-term use, the customer needs to overhaul the aircraft radome and speed brake.

3D scanning can significantly improve efficiency and reduce costs for businesses.

03 Handheld 3D Scanner

KSCAN-Magic Composite 3D Scanner

04 Inspection Process

Built-in Photogrammetry Ensures Accuracy


KSCAN-Magic has an accuracy of up to 0.020 mm and built-in photogrammetry that effectively reduces accumulated errors. It ensures that the final 3D data obtained for the aircraft radome and speed brakes are accurate and reliable.

Obtain Complete Data Efficiently

Photogrammetry: 2 min;
Scan duration: 3 min;
Data Processing: 5 min

Inspection with the KSCAN-Magic 3D scanner is 6 times faster than that with conventional measurement tools;

3D inspection of an aircraft radome
handheld 3D scanenr, 3D inspection of a speed brake

The resolution of the measurement result is up to 0.010mm, which can capture every detail vividly. The small pits on the aircraft radome and speed brake can be clearly presented in comprehensive data.

point clouds

Comprehensive Analysis and Intuitive Visualization

 The 3D software ScanViewer that comes with our 3D scanner can generate an inspection report which is clear and easy to read. Compared with traditional measurement methods, the 3D inspection conducted with KSCAN-Magic significantly reduces labor costs and lowers the threshold of operation.

inspection report, color map

05 Science and Technology Shape Safe Flying

Flight safety is essential to our society as airplanes play an important role in everyday travel. Our advanced 3D scanning technology can be applied in aircraft development and design, parts manufacturing, parts assembly, the whole assembly, MRO, and more.

Scantech is dedicated to providing precise and advanced 3D solutions for customers to ensure the safety of flights.

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3D Scanning Helps in Aircraft Overhaul to Ensure Flight Safety


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