Hard to Recognize Inscriptions with Your Eyes?

Hard to Recognize Inscriptions with Your Eyes?

Feb 27, 2019

The world has left us with splendid civilization and countless exquisite cultural treasures. In order to pass on these historical relics, it is necessary to carefully protect and display them without damages.

historical relic

What’s the current problem?

For stone inscriptions, a monument can be engraved with hundreds of words with two or three centimeters of each. These calligraphic writings are complex, which means the outline and chisel depth of each word must be extremely recorded. Besides, these stone inscriptions are hard to be recognized due to the time corrosion, therefore it is difficult to obtain the digital file of the original words.

stone inscription

How to solve it?

With the development of technology, 3D scanning digitization is widely applied to historical relics’ field. The accurate 3D data can be quickly obtained without contacting the relics. And the digital model, with extremely high duplication, can be used for displaying, researching and protection of cultural relics.

ScanTech solution

Cultural relics have strict requirements on 3D scanners and working environment due to their features. Thus, selecting a suitable 3D scanner is very significant.

ScanTech handheld 3D laser scanner PRINCE, with global innovative red and blue laser scan mode, can easily and accurately acquire 3D data with 0.02 mm resolution.

handheld 3D scanner-prince

1. Time cost:

●  Attaching markers: 2 minutes
● Scanning: 3 minutes

scanning stone inscriptions

2. Scanning process

3D scanning of stone inscription

Stone inscription with markers (Late Qing Dynasty)

stone inscription 3D stl data

3D stl data

It can be seen that the inscription is hard to distinguish, however, ScanTech 3D scanner overcomes the chromatic aberration and presents the clear 3D data writings through the uneven stone monument.

In the future, ScanTech will be continuously dedicated to expanding the usages of 3D inspection, and make great efforts to protect historical relics with unbelievable work efficiency.

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Hard to Recognize Inscriptions with Your Eyes?


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