How to liberate subway manufacturing with 3D scanning technology?

How to liberate subway manufacturing with 3D scanning technology?

Sep 18, 2018

3D Scanning Technology Changes The World


Due to its green, efficient and convenient features, subway has become one of the preferred transportation options for people to travel. The reason why subway is so popular is that it has a high safety factor, which is inseparable from the high precision production standard of subway. As the important part of the subway, the subway car head is divided into several links from design to production assembly. This time, Scantech receives the client’s entrustment to measure the 3d data of the subway head wood mold, providing data guarantee for customers to compare the original design data with the later forging process.


Question & Answer Time

Q: What is the scanning object this time?

A: The wooden mold for the railway locomotive. Wooden mold is one of the casting process equipment. The general production process of a product is divided into design, process, wood mold, casting, processing and assembly.

Q: Why does the wooden mold for the subway head car need 3d scanning?

A: The subway manufacturer needs to obtain the 3D measurement data of the wooden mold through the 3D scanning of the wooden mold of the subway head car, compare it with the original digital model, calculate the deviation accurately, improve the casting precision of the product.

Q: What is the original measurement method for the wooden mold of the subway head car? What are the difficulties in 3D measurement?

A: Photogrammetry 3D scanners, there are many problems with this measurement method:

  • 1.It is not portable, and the scanning process of medium and large objects is complicated and time-consuming
  • 2.The parts with high details requirements need to be sprayed with powder first, which is time-consuming and laborious, and the working efficiency is low


Customer: Subway parts manufacturer

Scanning object: the wooden mold of the subway head car

Scanning device: HSCAN771

Application: Quality Control

The traditional three-coordinate detection solution is affected by various factors such as the site and the workpiece, and cannot meet the customer’s inspection requirements; the scanning efficiency of 3d scanners such as Photogrammetry 3d scanners and articulated arm 3d scanners is low, and the precision of scanning large parts cannot be guaranteed; The solution our company provides this time is a handheld scanner, HSCAN771, which is equipped with the global photography system MSCAN. The scanning is fast and the precision is high, and is specially used to solve medium and large workpiece inspection.

The HSCAN 771 Perfectly Meets Customer Requirements

1.Target point is automatically positioned and does not require tracking with additional robotic arm or other device

2.The device is light and convenient, flexible in operation, and greatly improves work efficiency when worked with a global photogrammetric system when scanning large objects.

3.It can scan inside or outside, or it can scan in a narrow space. Multiple scanning devices can work at the same time, all data is in the same coordinate system, no need for post stitching.


Scantech has developed a perfect solution according to the requirement of the customer for scanning large multi-curved subway head wood molds. Firstly, the global photogrammetry system SCAN is used to obtain the spatial positioning point of the subway head car, and then the handheld laser 3D scanner is used to acquire the 3D data. Finally, the scanned 3D data is compared with the digital model of the subway head car, and the deviation value is obtained.

Scanning Object


Scanning site of wooden mold of the subway head car

Device & Model: HSCAN771 Handheld 3D scanner, MSCAN photogrammetry system

Device & Model: Handheld 3D scanner HSCAN331
HSCAN331 Handheld 3D scanner
Measurement data
Global positioning result

Point Cloud Data & STL 3D Data

HSCAN series handheld 3D scanners cooperate with the global photogrammetry system MSCAN to scan the subway head wood molds, which can greatly improve the volumetric accuracy of large workpieces, successfully help customers solve the problem of large-scale mold inspection of subway heads, and provide the basis for the customer’s next comparison inspection. HSCAN series handheld 3d scanners have helped metro manufacturers improve the efficiency of quality inspection.

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How to liberate subway manufacturing with 3D scanning technology?


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