New Logo, New Journey: Meet Scantech’s New Logo

New Logo, New Journey: Meet Scantech’s New Logo

Jul 07, 2022

We are delighted to announce the unveiling of our refined and vibrant corporate logo. This new logo reflects our determination to digitize everything to create a new future of 3D digitization and our strategy focused on comprehensive 3D solutions. It demonstrates our commitment to innovation and our role in advancing metrology measurement.

New logo for Scantech

Over the past years, Scantech has grown into a diverse, global 3D measurement instrument manufacturer, providing customers with sophisticated 3D scanners and 3D measurement solutions worldwide.

We have developed five global-first 3D scanners and won renowned awards such as the Red Dot Award and China Design Silver Award for the technology, simplicity, and aesthetics of our products.

Company office

Our dedication to 3D measurement is also highlighted by the news that Our Calibration/Certification Laboratory Center has received the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation from CNAS.

It shows that our laboratory is technically qualified to carry out traceable measurements and calibrations according to national specifications and international standards for our handheld, global, composite, tracking 3D scanners, and automated 3D measurement systems.

Old and new corporate logo

Both the new and old logos shall bear the same legal effects during the transition period

This vibrant and optimistic corporate logo is the new presentation of our company and identity. It signifies our constant momentum in pursuing precise 3D measurement and inspection. The logo features four diamonds, two parallelograms, and a shield shape.

All these forms came together subtly to bring a sense of enormous space and power. Its outline is highlighted in shades of blue and green, presenting the passion and vitality, that embody our core values “ambition, innovation, and achievement”.

It shows that all workers at Scantech are working hard with the ambition to bring innovations and pave the way for a magic 3D world.

The new corporate logo represents Scantech’s new purpose and ambition, which is inspired by our vision of digitizing everything to create a 3D future.

The four diamonds in different shades of blue embody precision, efficiency, portability, and sophistication. It shows our commitment to providing cutting-edge 3D solutions for our customers while improving our products in these four aspects.

Logo, precise, portable, efficient, sophisticated

As a prominent representation of Scantech, the new logo is enhanced with a shield-shaped graphic at the bottom. It symbolizes that our passionate and professional team develops products with profound expertise, which creates a solid shield to protect our customers from the challenges posed by limited technologies.

As a shield design communicates stability and solidity, we also lay a solid foundation for our industry-leading 3D scanners and solutions.

Logo, expertise for 3D scanning

The two parallelograms at the sides represent two parallel doors for the real and digital world. We are bridging the physical and 3D worlds with our high-tech 3D scanning thanks to our advanced 3D technologies.

We cater to various needs for industries ranging from automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing to navigate your 3D scanning journeys with ease.

Logo, real and 3D world

Our new brand is an important next step in our efforts to 3D digitize everything. It represents the integrated way in which we work to realize our shared ambition to reinvent industrial 3D measurement.

In the era of 3D digitization, Scantech is dedicated to exploring 3D scanning and promoting its development with all our efforts. We are striving to enable amazing and smooth 3D experiences for everyone.

Our passion and dream led us here. We provide precise, efficient, portable, and cutting-edge 3D measurement solutions to our customers. We enable our workers to experience, explore the charm of 3D scanning and go beyond their limits.

With an increasing portfolio of 3D scanners and solutions, we are widening the applications to make them accessible for every industry and bring 3D digitization to the next level.

Here, we continue our journey with a brand-new corporate logo and refreshed courage and faith. We will continue polishing our products and breaking through the limits of 3D digitization. Join us to explore the gorgeous 3D world with us.

Visit here to explore the new logo and our sophisticated 3D solution.

About Scantech

Scantech specializes in the development, manufacture, and sale of 3D scanners. Our in-house developed products range from handheld laser 3D scanners, and color 3D scanners to automated 3D scanning solutions, all of which are granted intellectual property rights.

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New Logo, New Journey: Meet Scantech’s New Logo


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