SCANTECH iReal 3D Human Body Scanning Application

SCANTECH iReal 3D Human Body Scanning Application

May 11, 2021

When we were young, we always yearned for all kinds of gifts: a football, a doll, and a long-cherished book. Whenever we get such a gift, we can be happy for a long time. With the development of the times, the material is greatly enriched, and parents are also worried about what gifts to give their children.

Recently, a gift from a German father, Malek Ben Ayed, to his children is refreshing. This magical gift allows them to record their children’s growth in 3D and stimulate their curiosity and keen observation of things around them. When his child has this gift, he can perceive everything he is interested in in-depth, and even directly connect to a 3D printer to print out all kinds of toys and more gifts he wants.

3D Human Body Scanning
3D Human Body Scanning

This magical gift is the iReal2E color 3D scanner, which is specially developed by SCANTECH for the scanning of medium and large objects and portraits. It adopts infrared VCSEL structured light, users can experience the safety and comfort of non-light scanning, and can quickly obtain color three-dimensional data of the human body or the surface of the object without spot scanning.

iReal2E also has the advantages of a large scanning area, smooth stitching, simple and easy to use, and vivid details. Even the hair can be scanned with great results. Therefore, the iReal series has a wide range of applications in the art portrait market. After obtaining high-precision portrait data, users can not only 3D print a mini self, but also use it for artistic portrait re-creation, making artistic creation more realistic and efficient.

3D artistic portraits make intangible culture more stereoscopic

Case1: Tai Chi non-material cultural heritage-3D portrait personalized customization.

Tai Chi is not only my country’s precious intangible cultural heritage, it will also be included in the World Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2020. In many cities in my country, Tai Chi fitness has become a fashionable way of life and a beautiful urban landscape.

Not long ago, SCANTECH agent Huao 3D participated in a Taijiquan culture and technology inheritance activity in Shanghai, using 3D scanning and full-color 3D printing technology to tailor 3D real-life portraits for the newly selected ten Taiji masters. Trophy.

First, use iReal to quickly scan the human body, and complete the acquisition of three-dimensional data of the whole body in less than 4 minutes.

three-dimensional data of the whole body in less than 4 minutes

Then import the scanned data into the 3D design software for engraving and optimization.

Finally, the retouched 3D model is sent to a color 3D printer, and a 1:10 color real portrait trophy is printed.

Case2: Inheritance of water culture-3D landscape sand table production

Sand table is a relatively common form of cultural display in cultural centers and museums. Compared with boring text and pictures, miniature scenes directly show the audience a realistic scene and deepen the memory. However, in the traditional impression, the production of sand table model scenes is a huge project, which requires a lot of time and energy to complete.

Previously, iReal played a major role in the 3D sand table project of Hangzhou Xianlin Reservoir, which greatly shortened the engineering time of the entire water culture sand table and vividly presented the historical scene of Su Dongpo’s treatment of West Lake.

Su Dongpo's treatment of West Lake

The integration of culture and technology has become a new trend, and the application of 3D scanners in the field of artistic portraits is only the tip of the iceberg. It is completely changing the way we capture, measure and track the evolution of the human body, involving art creation, digital sculpture, clothing design, medical rehabilitation, film and television entertainment and other areas.

SCANTECH will continue to deepen the three-dimensional digital race track, focus on independent product innovation, and provide more professional products and services for different industries.

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SCANTECH iReal 3D Human Body Scanning Application


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