iReal 2E Color 3D Scanner

iReal 2E is a portable color 3D scanner that adopts blue LED light technology with ultra-high precision scanning.

iReal 2E is characterized by super HD texture capturing capacity, intelligent alignment modes, etc. This color scanner maximizes performances in texture reproduction, detail capturing and accuracy. With its HD color reproduction, iReal 2E extremely meets the demands of texture acquisition. It ensures best-in-class performance on body scan, especially for eyes and hairs.

iReal 2E is very user-friendly to make easy and fast scanning. It streamlines workflows and creates easier color 3D measurement solutions.

Tech Specs

Technical Parameter
TypeiReal 2E
Light sourceBlue light
SafetyLED light(eye-safe)
Color scanningSupport
Color reproduction24 bit
Point distance0.200 ~ 3 mm
Point accuracy (single frame)Up to 0.100 mm
Alignment accuracy (for markers)0.200 mm/m
Alignment mode without markersTexture/feature/mixed alignment
Alignment mode with markersMarkers/mixed alignment
Optimal scanning distance400 mm
Effective working range300 ~ 600 mm
Scanning area200 x 135 mm ~ 400 x 270 mm
Frame rate15 fps
Output formatsOBJ, STL, PLY, ASC, SK
3D printingSupport
Work temperature5 ~ 40℃
Interface modeUSB 3.0
Weight910 g

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 Ultra-high Precision Scanning

Blue light has strong anti-interference capacity. It easily captures the full 3D data of small details and highly reflects the geometric features of the objects.

Super HD Texture Capturing

Deeply fulfill the visual experience of texture capturing in various fields.

Scanning without Markers

When object has continuous and irregular textures or geometric features, it can be scanned without any markers base on texture alignment and geometric alignment.

Mixed Alignment Modes

Scanning object without continuous or irregular textures or geometric features, iReal 2E combines 3 alignment modes and only needs few markers to finish it.

Overall Update

With its ergonomic design and user-friendly interface, users can quickly start even without prior experience.

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