Scantech Presents Cutting-edge 3D Solutions at Control 2023

May 11, 2023

Scantech, a high-tech company that specializes in developing, manufacturing, and the sales of 3D scanners and automated solutions, is exhibiting at Control 2023, a well-known quality assurance trade fair held in Stuttgart, German,from the 9th through the 12th.

The 35th Control international trade fair is in full swing. High-tech exhibitors and visitors worldwide have gathered under a single roof to explore the latest technologies in the fields of vision technology, image processing, and sensor technology, as well as measuring and test technology.

Scantech offers customers forward-looking concepts for quality assurance by presenting our advanced portable 3D scanners and automated 3D measurement systems. We welcome customers and friends to visit us in hall 5, booth 5402, to explore new possibilities in quality assurance.

We showcased our latest optical 3D measurement system TRACKSCAN-Sharp, handheld 3D scanners (SIMSCAN, KSCAN-MAGIC, IREAL 2E), automated 3D measurement systems (AM-DESK, AM-CELL), as well as an intelligent wireless module (AIRGO POWER).

At the trade fair, you will be able to:

– See live demonstrations of how 3D scanners work and what they can do.

– Chat with experts who can answer your questions and offer advice.

– Explore how 3D scanning can enhance your projects and meet your specific needs and goals.

Highlights of the Control 2023

Measure Large-size Parts with TrackScan-Sharp

Scantech’s newly-launched optical tracking 3D measurement system TRACKSCAN-Sharp has made its international debut at this trade fair.

It has attracted much attention from visitors by offering an enhanced measurement volume of up to 49 m3 and an increased tracking distance of up to 6 m.

Visitors have hands-on trials of it and are impressed by its robust performance and high efficiency in 3D scanning large parts.

-Equipped with a brand-new 25-MP industrial camera

-Metrology-level and high-precision measurement

-Volumetric accuracy up to 0.049 mm (10.4 m3)

Measure Large-size Parts with TrackScan-Sharp

Automated 3D System AM-CELL and AM-DESK

Automated 3D scanning is essential for achieving high-precision and consistent measurements to aid in manufacturing.

Scantech provides an all-in-one optical automated 3D measurement system AM-CELL for measuring medium-sized parts. It has a modular design that makes it easy to set up and adjust. It provides a full life-cycle quality control solution with automated measurements.

Automated 3D System AM-CELL

AM-DESK is an automated 3D measurement station. What distinguishes AM-DESK from traditional automated measurement systems is its small footprint, high adaptability to various working areas, and robust performance.

It is a cost-effective and efficient solution to meet the needs of various industrial applications.


Palm-sized 3D Scanner SIMSCAN for Hard-to-reach Areas

SIMSCAN, a Red-dot Award, and China Design Silver Award winner, is a compact handheld 3D scanner for scanning confined areas and intricate details.

It has established itself in the international markets due to its compact size and robust performance. Visitors looking for a compact 3D scanner are impressed by its free and flexible operations.

-Weighted only 570g, 700*600 mm scanning area

-Accuracy of up to 0.020 mm

-17 blue laser crosses, 2,800,000 measurements/s

Palm-sized 3D Scanner SIMSCAN

On-site Quality Control with KSCAN-MAGIC

The composite 3D scanner offers five standard working modes: large-area scanning, fast scanning, fine scanning, deep-hole scanning, and a built-in photogrammetry system.

This composite 3D scanner can capture fine details and huge parts, which can be widely used to meet the needs of product development, inspection, quality control, and more.

-Innovative Infrared-laser 3D Scanning

-Scanning area reaches 1440 mm × 860 mm

-1,650,000 measurements/s, high flexibly

-Accuracy of up to 0.020 mm, deliver ultra-high precision NDT measurement

i-Real for Color and Texture Scanning

iReal 2E 3D color scanner uses infrared VCSEL structured light technology to provide a safe and comfortable 3D scanning experience. It can quickly capture the texture and geometry of objects without requiring any targets.

AIRGO POWER to Enable Mobile and Cable-free 3D Scanning

AirGO Power is an intelligent wireless module that allows you to 3D scan parts without cables. You can use it to capture the dimensions and geometries of large parts in places without electricity, or with harsh conditions.

Scantech is looking for closer cooperation with customers who seek comprehensive 3D solutions for quality assurance.

At Control 2023, you can learn how Scantech’s solutions can address challenges in product development, quality control, and reverse engineering. Come and see live demonstrations, interact with experts, and learn about the benefits and applications of 3D scanning.

About Scantech

Scantech is a high-tech metrology company that specializes in developing, manufacturing, and the sales of 3D scanners with the capability of automated solutions.

Scantech provides professional 3D digital solutions for various industries. Our products are sold to more than 60 countries and regions, serving over 5000 enterprises.

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Scantech Presents Cutting-edge 3D Solutions at Control 2023


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