Handheld 3D Scanner——The Trump Card of Electric Bicycle Manufacturers

Handheld 3D Scanner——The Trump Card of Electric Bicycle Manufacturers

Jan 22, 2019

Market competition is increasingly fierce, and technology development becomes faster. Electric bicycle manufacturers can stand out from the competition only by continuously improving product quality and performance, shortening the design cycle and controlling cost.

An electric bicycle consists of frame, motor, storage battery and controller.

3D Scan Electric Bicycle

3D scan electric bicycle

Frame is the main part that connects other parts and bears all the loads. It is related to personal safety during riding. Therefore, making frame needs well-qualified materials, mature welding skill and strong anti-rust ability. Moreover, the structure is of equal importance (that is to optimize the overall force structure with reasonable design, and the overall mechanical properties are also considered about blending, punching, rib plates and junctions).

However, obtaining accurate data of the electric bicycle frame is a problem.

Traditional CMM is very slow and can’t get complete data.

traditional CMM


For better carrying and flexible using, ScanTech developed HSCAN handheld 3D scanner with strong compatibility and stability. It can quickly obtain accurate and complete 3D data of the electric bicycle frame.

ScanTech 3D solution

3D Scan Frame Stickers

3D scan frame stickers

HSCAN handheld 3D scanner

HSCAN handheld 3D scanner

Quickly Get 3D Stl Data

Quickly get 3D stl data

ScanTech HSCAN handheld 3D scanner is stable and reliable. It can be applied under most of working conditions. And stl 3D data can be directly used for future CAD design.

Application Extension

The stl 3D data from electric bicycle frame can also be used for quality control.

Compared with the original CAD data, the overall deviation value can be clearly calculated via obtaining the color map, which helps the manufacturers easily improve design standards and work efficiency.

As society develops, product needs to keep up with the consumption trend, this is a way for enterprises to rapidly grab more market shares.

For more related information, please go to the page of quality control.

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Handheld 3D Scanner——The Trump Card of Electric Bicycle Manufacturers


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