3D Body Scanning – A New Trend in Medicine Field

3D Body Scanning – A New Trend in Medicine Field

Aug 27, 2020

Introduction: Let’s check out how Scantech iReal 3D body scanner plays a crucial role in meeting the customization requirements of orthopedic braces in the medical field.

Compared with traditional treatment methods, 3D body scanning has emerged as a new and effective technology for addressing spine diseases. As time progresses, we encounter increasingly unusual and complex medical conditions, such as deformities in the body shape of young individuals. Thankfully, many of these spine-related issues can be improved using professional medical interventions and complementary tools.

Case Background

One of the medical technology companies recently had accepted a 15-year-old girl with scoliosis symptoms. Her scoliosis has been S-shaped, with uneven shoulders and backs, deformed thoracic cage, a tilted pelvis, and persistent waist pain. If scoliosis is not treated early, it will affect gas exchange. In severe cases, nerve damage, limb sensory disturbance, and lower limb numbness may occur.

3D Body Measurement

The common way to cure scoliosis in clinical practice is the Cobb angle measurement method, using a ruler and an angle measuring instrument to perform 1:1 on X-rays.

definitions-scoliosis 3D Body Scanning

With the advancement of science and technology, the demand for accurate 3D body composition and body shape customization is steadily increasing, and 3D model and size acquisition technology of the human body are gradually becoming familiar. For health care, 3D body scanner can replace traditional diagnosis and treatment methods. It has the repressive advantages of fast speed, high precision, and non-contact.

ScanTech 3D Measurement Solution

3D body scanner can accurately acquire and analyze the degree of spinal curvature, intuitively providing doctors with spinal deformation data, which creates a significant basis for diagnosis and treatment and auxiliary brace design. ScanTech’s iReal 2E 3D scanner adopts infrared VCSEL structured light technology to eliminate the issues of dazzling lights, creating a safe and comfortable 3D experience. iReal 2E 3D color scanner has a fast 3D body scanning rate of 1,500,000 measurements/s, and it can automatically collect a large amount of 3D data for the human body. Combined with 3D printing technology, it is convenient for hospitals to design and produce wearable orthopedic brace.

The iReal series color 3D body scanners are extremely easy to operate and have no technical barriers to users. The doctor directly holds the device to quickly acquire 3D data on the upper body of the patient, and the entire process takes less than 20 seconds. At the same time, the invisible infrared light scanning completely solves the visual discomfort problem. (During the diagnosis, the patient is naked for precisely data collection. For privacy protection, the actual scanning process and 3D data are not allowed to leak out.)


Through the non-contact measurement, the complete 1:1 3D data of the human body can be automatically obtained, and then the 3D data can be imported into professional design software to design the protective gear according to the 1:1 size.

Real 2S health care

Then import the designed protective gear model into 3D printing equipment for model printing to realize the customization requirements of the orthopedic brace.

iReal 2S health care

The human body is very complex in structure, and the 3D data-based customized solution accurately predicts the diagnosis result through the comparison and analysis of the data. With the combination of 3D printing technology, the comfortable orthopedic brace provides the patient with timely and efficient treatment.

Moreover, the technology can also be employed to create personalized 3D avatars for patients and enable virtual interactions with a personal trainer, enhancing the overall healthcare experience. Additionally, it facilitates the generation of detailed 3D images for further analysis and documentation.

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3D Body Scanning – A New Trend in Medicine Field


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