3D Scanning Drives Up Product Design of Kayaks

Aug 14, 2020

Kayaking is a very popular water sport around the world. For outdoor enthusiasts who crave a more natural experience, kayaking is environmentally friendly and relaxing. There are many types of kayaks, the COMMUNAL NEWS research report shows that in the next few years, high demand for recreational kayaks will continue to exist.

3D Inspection of Kayaks

With the great demand of product categories and continuous changeable consumption view, when new products entering the market focus on innovation, established companies will have fierce competition in terms of brand, quality and cost. In order to better improve the speed and stability of the kayak, kayak manufacturers need to re-develop existing products to improve the performance of the kayak and strengthen market competitiveness.

Difficulties in 3D Inspection

The traditional measurement method gets problems in data collection density. It is impossible to accurately measure the curved positions and curvature of the kayak surface, which seriously affects product development. At the same time, for a kayak with a length of 4 meters, it will take a long time to carry out the measurement. Normal 3D scanners have certain limitations in the scanning area, even there will be data splicing errors and inefficiency issues.

SCANTECH 3D Solution

In order to help manufacturers accelerate the product time to market, we adopted our KSCAN 3D scanner to quickly complete the 3D measurement.

KSCAN series 3D scanner drastically cut down the number of markers due to its unrivaled scanning area of 1440 mm * 860 mm, achieving labor-saving and budget controlled. Besides, the 1,350,000 measurements/s makes a rapid data collection. What’s more, 0.010 mm resolution guarantees excellent details.

3d scanning of canoe

canoe scanningAttaching markers: 2 minutes

3D scanning: 5 minutes

Data processing 5 minutes3D scanning 5 minutes

Data processing: 5 minutes

Compared with other 3D scanners, KSCAN series presents unparalleled performance. Moreover, its built-in photogrammetric system delivers more effortless when facing large-scale project measurement, truly realizing ultra-high-precision NDT detection.

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3D Scanning Drives Up Product Design of Kayaks


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