Auto Parts Inspection: More Effective than Ever

Auto Parts Inspection: More Effective than Ever

Apr 29, 2020

Automobile manufacturing is a fiercely competitive industry. A car is composed of many important parts, including car bodies, chassis, wheel & tires, interiors, exteriors, seating, powertrains, electronics, mirrors, closures, roof systems & modules, etc. From the design to the product time-to-market, quality control is particularly important to ensure the best customer satisfaction and brand presence.

Global Auto Parts and Accessories Market Size Outlook

Global “Auto Parts and Accessories” Market 2020 Research Report provides key analysis on the market status of the auto parts manufacturers.

The worldwide market for auto parts and accessories is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly 4.4% over the next five years, will reach $2,543,700 million in 2024, from $1,969,100 million in 2019.

Auto Parts Inspection More Effective than Ever

Auto parts and accessories are widely used in OEM and aftermarkets. The former account for a market share of more than 67%. China is the largest consumption country, with a consumption market share nearly 25% in 2016 due to the fast-growing automotive industry. USA and Europe followed China with its mature automotive industry.


For automobile manufacturing, the inevitable thing is to reduce the cost (like labors, time, money) and improve the overall efficiency while ensuring the quality. Headlights, made of plastic, are essential parts for driving at night. However, it is likely to be squeezed and deformed during the installation. Manufacturers need to simulate the state of the headlights after the installation through the fixtures, and then conduct the quality inspection. Hence, the accuracy of the fixture directly affects the detection and the performance of the headlights.

ScanTech 3D Solution

To help products time-to-market, quick and effective inspection is what the manufacturers go after. ScanTech KSCAN20 3D scanner performs at high speed, ultra-detail and easy to use, meeting the various demands of auto parts makers.

  • Fast scanning speed: 650,000 measurements/s
  • Great detail capturing: 0.020 mm accuracy
  • 0.010 mm of resolution under blue laser scan mode
  • Built-in photogrammetry: volumetric accuracy of up to 0.035mm/m


Inspection process:

Step 1. Attaching markers

Attaching markers on headlights fixture

Attaching markers on headlights fixture

Step 2. Quick scanning and data capturing by using KSCAN20 3D scanner

KSCAN20 3D laser scanner

Step 3. Get accurate 3D data of fixture

3D data of fixture

Step 4. Calculate deviations and generate inspection report (data privacy protection)

RPS result

Color map

Color map

This 3D digital solution streamlines the inspection process and highly makes work efficiency improved for auto parts manufacturers. ScanTech 3D scanners are portable and have a wide range of applications in quality control, product development, reverse engineering, etc. For more cases about KSCAN20 3D scanner, please read below:

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Auto Parts Inspection: More Effective than Ever


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