3D Scanning on Large TBM Cutting Head

3D Scanning on Large TBM Cutting Head

Apr 02, 2019

A tunnel boring machine (TBM) is a machine used to excavate tunnels with a circular cross-section through a variety of soil and rock strata. It can be applied to coal mining roadway excavation, tunnel construction of railway, highway and water conservancy projects, etc.

tunnel boring machine

What does the customer need?

The cutting head is an irreplaceable component for TBM and contributes a lot to crushing rocks. But due to this, the cutting head is badly abraded, it is necessary to analyze machine abrasion. However, how to get accurate 3D data of the cutting head and conduct an abrasion inspection?

tunnel boring machine cutting head

Traditional Measurement

The cutting head of TBM is very large and complicated in design. The surface is covered with a tooth holder, pick, and a spiral blade. Therefore, it will take the traditional vernier caliper too much work time, and the measuring accuracy can’t be guaranteed.

ScanTech 3D solution

ScanTech developed a global initiative 3D scanner called PRINCE, which combined red and blue laser technologies. The two working modes could rapidly switch according to speed and detail requirements, and integrate data files of abrasion inspection.
PRINCE 3D scanner

Scanning process

Scanning the cutting head by PRINCE 3D scanner

Scanning the cutting head by PRINCE 3D scanner

Obtain 3D stl data

Obtain 3D stl data

CAD data of TBM

ScanTech PRINCE 3D laser scanner integrates the advantages of normal handheld 3D scanners in efficiency and accuracy. It can detect large planes even small coins, so the huge TBM cutting head can be easily and quickly detected.

PRINCE 3D scanner delivers precise 3D data for machinery manufacturing to decrease abrasion, original data back-up, and optimize product design.

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3D Scanning on Large TBM Cutting Head


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