3D Scanning on 27 m³ & 40t Wind Turbine Just by One Machine— AXE 3D Scanner: Born for Large Volume

Mar 08, 2019

Industrial manufacturing, transportation construction, vehicle emissions, and other factors have caused many environmental problems. Smog is one of the issues, seriously affecting people’s health.

Eliminating the smog and finding cleaner energy has become an urgent thing for human beings.

Wind is a clean and pollution-free renewable energy, it is converted into electricity by the wind turbine. The hub is an important component in wind turbine system, however, it is very complicated in structure. Therefore, quality control in shape is significant.

industrial smog

How to make a well-qualified wind turbine hub?

Due to the complex structure and high-intensity working of the turbine hub, it is usually used to cast the blank and then finish the machining. In order to measure the deviations between the finished hub and the CAD model, we need to get the 3D data of the hub. The CMM and ordinary handheld scanners are in a dilemma to obtain full 3D data of the wind turbine hub.

(volume: 3m×3m×3m; weight: more than 40t)

wind turbine hub

ScanTech 3D solution

ScanTech initiative developed the world-first product AXE global 3D scanner, targeting at the 3D inspection for large volumes. AXE is the world’s highest volumetric handheld 3D scanner (0.02+0.035mm/m) with global photogrammetry system and laser 3D scanning technology. The work efficiency is greatly improved with a double scanning area and half of markers. It can fast acquire precise 3D data of the hub blank, and form deviations based on comparing the data between hub blank and blank model.

AXE 3D scanner

Scanning process

Step 1: Attaching coding points and markers

Step 2: Photogrammetric working mode for markers and data acquisition

Step 3: Scanning wind turbine hub blank by AXE global 3D scanner

wind turbine hub 3D scanning

Step 4: Get 3D stl data of hub blank

wind turbine hub 3D stl data

Step 5: Contrast detection based on data fitting and alignment

3D data of blank model
Deviation values on turbine hub
Deviation values on turbine hub

ScanTech AXE 3D scanner gives reliable support for machinery manufacturing. Manufacturers can easily adjust the quality and quantity through the 3D data and deviations getting from AXE 3D scanner.

AXE 3D scanner can also simplify for large castings measurement, highly optimizing the product’s quality.

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3D Scanning on 27 m³ & 40t Wind Turbine Just by One Machine— AXE 3D Scanner: Born for Large Volume


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