Explore the charm of 3D scanning with the Scantech’s Variety Show Debut

Jan 21, 2022
A new world of the future, no limit of technology.

Scantech was honored with an invitation to participate in A Brave New Future, a recent scientific reality show in China. We provided an insightful look into 3D scanning by unveiling its scientific principles and applications.

3D scanning in a variety show

The famous scientific show host, Jiang Changjian, and his guests joined in the show to explore the facts and secrets behind cutting-edge technologies.

With intuitive onsite scanning and fun little games, our workers showcased how 3D scanners can be used for industrial inspection, architecture protection, and criminal investigation. The show provides chances to explore the scientific and humanistic values of 3D scanning for reviewers.

Part 1: Human Vision vs. Machine Vision

Can you identify the millimeter-grade differences between 10 standard balls with your eyes? The answer is probably not. The explorers in the show were caught by surprise with this challenge. However, this can be easily done with our portable and high-precision 3D scanners.

3D scanning 10 standard balls

Scantechs AutoScan-K 3D measurement system, in sharp contrast to human eyes, captured the precise data of these balls within seconds. The measurement accuracy is as high as 0.02mm, a width equivalent to one-fifth of the hair. With reference to the report generated right after scanning, guests easily identified the ball with the smallest diameter.

industrial 3D measurement system

reports of 3D measurement

Thanks to their portability and precision, 3D scanners can be adopted in a wide range of industries, be it aerospace, automotive, mold, or machinery.

A handheld 3D scanner and automated 3D inspection system can be used for intelligent inspection. Without intelligent inspection, traditional manufacturing cannot be sufficiently transformed.

The new way for inspection effectively improves the precision and quality of middle and high-end manufacturing and monitors the full cycle of production.

blue laser, 3D scanning

Thanks to 3D scanners’ portability and precision, they are used in different industrial uses regardless of environmental conditions. Technicians can easily produce an intuitive measurement report by using the software that comes with this equipment. In this way, manufacturers can reduce the costs of labor.

large-scale 3D measurement

By integrating 3D scanners in an automated measurement system, we can replace many tedious steps of manual inspection and reduce the risks of human errors. They can be used at the early stage of manufacturing to identify potential defects to improve productivity and therefore reduce costs.

automated 3D inspection

Scantech has been committed to providing convenient, fast, and accurate 3D digital solutions. We are dedicated to helping customers to accelerate their digital transformation and take the lead in intelligent manufacturing.

Part 2: 3D Scanning for the protection of Historical Buildings

In the show, Scantech helped to 3D scan an ancient building in Hangzhou Xixi Wetland to restore it.

Scantech’s technicians were 3D scanning this ancient building using TrackScan-P42 when Mr.Jiang and his guest arrived. By collecting the 3D data of the exquisite wood carvings and stone carvings inside the buildings, the technician reconstructed a 1:1 sized pattern.

The changing outdoor conditions pose a huge challenge to 3D scanning. A 3D scanner that has high adaptability to environmental conditions is a must to ensure precise measurement.

The 3D scanner TrackScan-P42, developed in-house by Scantech, can perform outdoor 3D scanning work under bright lights. It also performs well in industrial inspection by delivering precise measurement results.

3D scanning a historical building

Thanks to its optical tracking, TrackScan-P 42 can perform non-contact measurements without producing any damage to the ancient building.

on-site 3D measurement

The explorers were fascinated by its robust performance in capturing 3D data and had a trial of it. They collected the complete 3D data of the interior carvings of the building, exploring the beauty of science, technology, and civilization.

capturing 3D data

The emergence of 3D scanning enables a brand-new way to showcase the treasure of human civilization. There is a growing demand of digitalizing historical relics like ancient buildings for exhibition, protection, and restoration.

preservation with portable 3D scanner

The “data archiving” of cultural heritage can help researchers and experts intuitively monitor the changes that may take place under different environmental conditions as time goes by.

wood carving, historical building

It can also ensure that these historical buildings, when subjected to natural or human damage, can be restored and reproduced with maximum accuracy.

The 3D scanners of Scantech have been widely used in different industries including the 3D digitization of historical relics. For example, we joined the forces of Zhejiang University to 3D scan Three Elder’s Stela in the Han Dynasty and its storehouse for monitoring and further protection.

Part 3 New equipment for criminal investigation

“The 3D scanner can be used for crime investigation?” See how our Holmes solved the case with a 3D scanner.

There is no such thing as a perfect crime, only clues to be undiscovered. Mr. Jiang played the role of Holmes and used a 3D scanner to collect physical evidence at the mock crime scene.

The use of the iReal, a 3D scanner, allows saving the extra step of having to stick markers. Mr. Jiang accurately recorded the 3D data of the crime scene. It provided an intuitive virtual scene for its subsequent case analysis.

shattered cup, evidence

The iReal software can be used to show details such as traces, breakage patterns, and footprints. The data can then be used to reconstruct the crime scene for later analysis. This helps the investigators to solve the crime as soon as possible.

point clouds of footprint

Besides, 3D scanning has shown good potential in evidence collection and identification for criminal investigations.

The 3D scanners of Scantech serve as a new way for forensic investigation in terms of digital intelligent management of physical evidence, footprint analysis, trauma identification, and so on.

This variety show debut enables us to show both professionals and the general audience how our 3D measurement technology can help in quality inspection, building preservation, and forensic investigation. We are looking forward to exploring more opportunities for cooperation to engage more people in this new world of 3D scanning.


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Explore the charm of 3D scanning with the Scantech’s Variety Show Debut


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