Convey 3D Scanning Technology at Formnext 2019

Convey 3D Scanning Technology at Formnext 2019

Nov 20, 2019

Formnext, a world second-to-none exhibition and conference dedicated to additive manufacturing, industrial 3D printing, 3D scanning and innovative products. People from all over the world gather around in Frankfurt, Germany.
During the Nov. 19 ~ 22, ScanTech brings its innovative intelligent 3D measurement devices. These cutting-edged 3D scanners help customers to overcome the issues of quality control, reverse engineering, product development, etc.

The latest 3D scanner TrackScan 3D system sets to its debut at this grand tradeshow. It meets the demands of product development, quality control, reverse engineering, etc., and can work with Robot-Arm to provide the automatic 3D measurement solution for manufacturers.

– No markers required: time-effective and labor-saving

– Probing function: 0.030 mm of single point repeatability

– Red & blue laser mode: 0.020 mm resolution

– Dynamic referencing: work normally during part’s position shifting or E-Track movement

– Extendable measuring volume: still get the accuracy maintained

In addition, ScanTech also presents KSCAN 3D scanner with super high versatility:

Infinite Possibilities to Metrology Measuring

PRINCE 3D laser scanner for extreme detail capturing:

Easily Scan Large Volume Even Small Coin


iReal 2S 3D scanner for color measuring and HD texture acquisition:

Invisible Light to Capture Endless Colors

AutoScan for automatic 3D measurement system:

Intelligent Automated 3D measurement Solution

Compared with traditional inspection methods, 3D scanning technology has impressed people and indeed conveyed the most advanced 3D solutions to manufacturers.

During the show, ScanTech 3D scanners attract plenty of customers to experience these 3D measurement devices. Based on abundant onsite demonstrations, people have a profound understanding of ScanTech 3D scanning technology.

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Convey 3D Scanning Technology at Formnext 2019


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