AutoScan is an effective automatic 3D measurement system, it integrates the knowledge of Automatic, LED optical tracking and laser 3D scanning. AutoScan takes great advantage in accuracy, measurement range, efficiency, and quality, easily operates without any experience, automatically completes on-line 3D measurement. AutoScan is positioned by a separate tracking camera, compare with traditional on-line inspection system, it has higher position precision, provides powerful technical support for industry 4.0.

Tech Specs

Measurement rangeUp to 6m
System AccuracyUp to 0.04mm
Spatial accuracy2.5m0.08mm
Spatial accuracy6m0.15mm
Spatial accuracy10m
Laser classClassII(Eye Safe)
Measurement rate480000 measures/s
Stand-off distance300mm
Depth of field250mm
Output formatstl、stp、igs、ply、xyz、dae、obj、asc
Environment requirementWork temperature-10℃~45℃
Environment requirementStorage temperature-25℃~65℃
Environment requirementHumidity<95%,no condensation

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Unique Tracking Technology

Led optical tracking technology, without markers, initiative location, deliver the top precision 3D digital solution.

Volume Inspection, accelerate Industry 4.0

AutoScan performs 3D measurement continuously, forces your product quality in great control, and accelerates the race towards Industry 4.0.


AutoScan system delivers low-volume inspection without labor, off-line programming, easily operates without any experience, liberates labor from the traditional measurement.

Fast Speed High Precision

Self-generate Report

Military Quality

Carbon material with aerospace grade to ensure premium quality

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