Detail Capturing of Precision Parts by PRINCE 3D Scanner

Detail Capturing of Precision Parts by PRINCE 3D Scanner

Aug 30, 2019

There are many significant factors that demonstrate a product’s success. Details and precision are inevitable aspects we shouldn’t ignore. Small parts are especially important for motor production. Each qualified motor is composed of many standard parts. Therefore, 3D inspection in machinery manufacturing is inevitable to create competitive products.

What motor parts manufacturer needs?

The manufacturer has a batch of coin-sized motor parts with silver-gray surface and tiny geometry textures. As we required, spraying powder is not allowed during the measuring. Besides, it is necessary to calculate the deviations between blank part and the standard one for further modification.


Q1. What methods do we usually use to capture geometry details for machinery inspection, such as to complicate and small parts?

  • To inspect such parts, the structured 3D scanner can meet the high demand for detail capturing. However, the object needs to be powder sprayed by using this way.
  • Although CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) can satisfy extremely strict requirements to reach ultra-high precision, the inefficient CMM will cause damages to the object’s surface and unable to obtain the complete 3D data of the object.
  • The traditional handheld 3D scanner is flexible to operate, but it can’t capture the very tiny details.

Q2. Is it possible to avoid powder-spray and get full 3D data in an efficient way?

  • There is no inspection device simultaneously fulfilling such requirements until PRINCE 3D scanner with red and blue laser scan modes came out. It performs high-precision 3D scanning of small things like a coin, but also large object like an airplane.
  • The dual laser scan modes can rapidly switch according to different scanning demands. The red laser scan mode achieves high efficiency and flexibility. And the blue laser scan mode keeps the advantages of the structured 3D scanner in high resolution and extreme details.

3d laser scanner

PRINCE 3D scanner is an advanced version of normal 3D scanners. Only one inspection device realizes a variety of application scenarios, which greatly helps manufacturers save various costs and improve efficiency.

ScanTech 3D Solution

Considering the motor part are very small in size, we can attach markers around the object, and then use blue laser scan mode of PRINCE 3D scanner to scan the shape and features of the motor part within 2 minutes. That is how to avoid of powder-spray but also get accurate 3D data. Consequently, we can easily calculate deviations based on the standard digital model.

motor parts

Motor pats

3d scanning of motor parts3D scanning of the motor part under blue laser scan mode

3d data of motor part

The 3D data acquired by PRINCE 3D scanner clearly reflects all the details on the motor part, including the edges of the convex surface.

3d data contrast

Compared with PRINCE 3D scanner, the normal handheld 3D scanner can’t get the precise 3D data.

color map

Color map

deviations of motor part

Calculate the angle value of each bulge

The blue laser scan mode of PRINCE 3D scanner fully capture the details by 0.03 mm accuracy. Our 3D software ScanViewer calculates the deviations by fitting and aligning 3D model and scanned 3D data. This provides a solid foundation for manufacturers in product development and modification.

No matter large or small objects, PRINCE 3D scanner’ s strong reproduction capacity of extreme details will be your an ideal choice to get accurate 3D data. For more manufacturing cases referring to PRINCE 3D scanner, please read below:

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Detail Capturing of Precision Parts by PRINCE 3D Scanner


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