One-stop 3D Digitization Solutions for Historic Architecture

One-stop 3D Digitization Solutions for Historic Architecture

Jan 20, 2021

In January, 2021, SCANTECH announced a strategic partnership with Xuberance. SCANTECH will provide powerful 3D digitization products as well as technical support to the 3D designing and 3D intelligent manufacturing solutions of Xuberance.

Xuberance is a world-famous 3D printing brand, devoting to global 3D designing and researching. Their services include 3D data, 3D data custom, as well as research, development and application related to 3D printing. The team up of SCANTECH and Xuberance will provide complete 3D digitization solutions to clients.

Working with SCANTECH, Xuberance has finished many 3D digitization projects such as Wulin historical building digitization and Shanghai Concert Hall digitization project, achieving a win-win situation during the corporation.

Leirah Wang, general manager of Xuberance (second from left); Mike Ma, vice president of SCANTECH (third from right)

Wulin Historical Architecture Digitization

Wulin old town in Fujian province keeps the old appearance of historical building constructed by overseas Chinese.

The architectural complex originated from Ming Dynasty, when Chinese who lived in southeast Asia came back to their hometown and built plenty of well-designed building including southern Fujian style house, Chinese & Western fusion style, gothic architecture, roman architecture and so on. In November 2016, Wulin was included into directory of Chinese traditional village.

The 3D digitization project of Wulin historical buildings, combining reverse scanning and forward modeling, aims at creating 3D model of ‘Gun House’, which is Wulin’s most signature architecture. The model will be adapted to 3D online display and the development of cultural products, assisting the heritage of traditional southern Fujian culture and Overseas Chinese culture.

Wulin Gun House

The process of the project is field trips, building scanning, data processing and 3D printing. For the main body of gun house, designers proceed forward modeling through photo and use 3D scanning for important details including the decorative carvings, window edges, columns as well as some natural damages.

Those details cannot be captured accurately with photograph forward modeling. However, 3D scanning can capture every detail with full scale. The result of scanning can work with the forward modeling to reproduce the complete 3D model of gun house.

Obtain partial data of building with SCANTECH KSCAN scanner

3D model of Carved flower, window edge, column obtained from scanning

(the rugged edges are the original appearance of historical buildings)

Model made from 3D printing

Shanghai Concert Hall Digitization Project

Shanghai concert hall, built in 1930, is the first concert hall in China. It is also the first western classical style architecture designed by a Chinese architect. There are many purposes of Shanghai concert hall digitization project, such as online digital showcase, cultural product development, data archive of historical architectures.

During the repair of concert hall from 2019 to 2020, Xuberance collaborated with SCANTECH, finishing the digitization project. They scanned the signature arch pattern, decoration pattern and lamps.

The traditional solution is forward modeling through photographs. But the European style is so complex that it’s hard for designers to build an accurate model. SCANTECH 3D scanning technology can capture the true appearance of buildings. It is also able to reflect the texture of weathering in a more natural way.

Take the signature concert hall seat for example.

Obtain Seat Data with SCANTECH PRINCE Scanner


Finished Product after Coloring

Souvenir Collection

On top of that, Xuberance created souvenirs like jewelry and coffee cup.

The digitization engineering of historical architectures has been the tendency at present. 3D scanner has attributes of non-contact, high efficiency and high accuracy, so it can provide a better solution for the repair, digital communication, cultural products of historical architectures.

Union for Future

As the expert of 3D printing, Xuberance will continue their creative design with SCANTECH 3D digitization technology under its design concept of daily beauty.

In the future, SCANTECH will establish cooperation with more brands, providing more comprehensive 3D digitization solutions.


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One-stop 3D Digitization Solutions for Historic Architecture


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