Perfect Pair: PRINCE & AirGO on Scanning Castings

Perfect Pair: PRINCE & AirGO on Scanning Castings

Mar 05, 2019

What’s the current problem?

Improving the quality and production of large castings is what the machinery manufactures care about. Castings, however, normally feature in huge weight, large size and complicated structure. Therefore, manufacturers need to spend a lot of time when these castings should be inspected and modified. How to overcome such problems while ensuring quality and quantity?

ScanTech solution

As for machinery manufacturing, ScanTech puts forward a very practical 3D digital solution: combine PRINCE 3D scanner with AirGO smart device.

PRINCE handheld 3D laser scanner owns red and blue working modes, truly presenting the details and features of the large castings. AirGO completely changes traditional 3D scanning to work without PC or cables. It integrates calculation, display and power supply. What’s more, it replaces PC to calculate data and displays 3D model individually and supplies power for 3D scanner.

PRINCE 3D scanner


AirGO smart 3D device
AirGO smart 3D device

Time cost

  • Attaching markers: 10 minutes

casting 3D measurement

  •  Scanning with PRINCE & AirGO: 10 minutes

casting 3D scanning

Data process: 3D stl data

casting 3D stl data

Analyze data to get color map

casting color map

Scanning details by using PRINCE 3D laser scanner

Part of the casting

Partial 3D stl data

PRINCE 3D scanner works with AirGO can quickly acquire the full 3D data of complex castings, and compare with data model to form color map that can directly reflect deviations. That is how to help manufacturers to adjust and analyze the process of casting production.

Machinery manufacturing accounts a lot in social development, ScanTech independently researched and developed AXE 3D global laser scanner, can also be applied to large castings 3D inspection.

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Perfect Pair: PRINCE & AirGO on Scanning Castings


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