Scantech Showcase the Latest 3D Solutions at Vibrant Control 2022

Scantech Showcase the Latest 3D Solutions at Vibrant Control 2022

May 07, 2022

The four-day trade fair Control 2022 in Stuttgart, German, one of the most prominent quality assurance technical events, ended with resounding success. We are glad that we have been one of the exhibitors to welcome trade visitors from all over the world to explore our latest 3D solutions.

Trade fair Control 2022

Manufacturers, suppliers, engineers, and professionals have gathered at our booth to explore our full range of advanced 3D scanners. It is a unique opportunity for visitors to find out how our metrology-grade 3D scanners can help in measuring technology and quality assurance.

To expand the knowledge of trade visitors about 3D scanning technology, we showcased our cutting-edge portfolio of handheld 3D scanners (KSCAN-Magic, SIMSCAN, AXE, iReal 2E), a tracking 3D scanner (TrackScan-P42), automated 3D measurement systems (AutoScan-K, AutoScan-T42), and an intelligent wireless communication link (AirGO Pro).

exhibition booth

Our advanced 3D scanning tech can benefit in rapid prototyping, quality control, reverse engineering, and 3D visualization for streamlining operational workflows and enhancing efficiency.

Highlights of the Control 2022

Automated Measurement System with Extra-high Accuracy

To fuel visitors’ passion for 3D scanning technology, we exhibited our leading automatic 3D measurement systems AutoScan-K and AutoScan-T42.

These two systems can realize non-contact and non-destructive measurements while delivering extra-high accuracy. Automatic 3D measurement provides a significant amount of data, which can be analyzed to improve the upstream manufacturing process.

automated measurement system

The Debut of Wireless Communication Link AirGo Pro

Our newly-launched AirGo Pro made its international debut at this trade fair. It is a new generation of smart wireless communication links, specially designed for mobile 3D scanning in areas with no power supply.

It saves the trouble of connecting 3D scanners to computers by cable in harsh environments, allowing true freedom in wireless 3D scanning.


Compact SIMSCAN for Scanning Confined Areas

Visitors had practical hands-on trails to experience our Red-dot Award and China Design Silver Award winner SIMSCAN. This palm-sized 3D scanner can perform high-quality 3D scanning for both tiny and large objects without any restriction of the working environment.


KSCAN-Magic for industrial quality control

With two sets of high-definition industrial cameras, KSCAN-Magic can conduct 3D scanning meticulously. This 3D scanner line-up is the first that combines infrared and blue lasers into one single instrument.

It offers five standard working modes: large-area scanning, fast scanning, fine scanning, deep-hole scanning, and a built-in photogrammetry system.

3D scanner KSCAN

iReal for Easy Textured Scans

See real-world examples of 3D tech applications. Based on infrared VCSEL structured light technology, iReal 2E 3D body scanner offers a safe and comfortable 3D scanning experience.

It can capture texture and geometry quickly without attaching markers. The following picture shows us how it turns out when capturing the 3D data of a visitor.

3D color scanner iReal 2E

Local Team to Offer Professional Help

Our local team of experts with great expertise and experience introduced our 3D scanning technology to visitors.

They showed live demos of handheld 3D scanners and automated 3D measurement systems and answered questions on different stages of industrial processes, from data capture to 3D inspection.

Their efforts helped visitors get inspiration for their projects and stay in the loop on industry trends and products.

local team

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is an optimization process that affects every manufacturing company worldwide. We are glad to share our latest 3D measurement technology for quality assurance at this spectacular trade fair. Find out more about the 3D inspection.

Quality Inspection with Scantech 3D Scanner

Industrial 3D scanning solutions for automated quality control and inspection

About Scantech

Scantech is one of the pioneers in researching and developing handheld 3D visual measurement devices worldwide. Our products are sold to more than 50 countries and regions, serving over 5000 enterprises.

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Scantech Showcase the Latest 3D Solutions at Vibrant Control 2022


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