Being an Animal Protector by 3D Technologies

May 30, 2019

Hornbills feature in long and down-curved beaks that are brightly colored. They are very peculiar and precious birds. However, a number of species of hornbill are confronting with extinction.

Hornbills feature in long and down-curved beaks that are brightly colored.

What Customer Needs?

There is a hornbill born with beak malformation. It can’t eat normally on its own and will starve to death. Therefore, we have to take some actions timely. Zoologists decide to have an operation on this hornbill via replacing a new beak made by 3D printing.

How to solve this problem?

The hornbill’s bleak is irregular and curved. It is difficult to obtain accurate 3D data by traditional measurement tools. In the field of health care, ScanTech has such experience in making prosthesis by 3D printing. The traditional prosthesis is handmade with tedious procedures, and it depends on technicians’ personal experience. Besides, we can not make a well-qualified prosthesis that matches with the human body perfectly without complete and clear 3D data. This is as same as animal curing. Given the relevant experience, zoologists determine to use ScanTech handheld 3D laser scanner PRINCE to conduct this 3D scanning.

ScanTech 3D solution

Red and blue laser scan modes have been always global innovation in 3D scanning filed. The PRINCE 3D scanner gains great reputation due to this leading-edge technology. It is characterized by several strengths:

  • Dual laser scan modes
  • Extreme details with 0.02mm resolution
  • High efficiency with 480,000 measurement/s
  • Easy to scan large plane even small coin

The handheld 3D scanner PRINCE is very easy to use and applies non-contact measurement, so it won’t hurt the hornbill but still fast captures the accurate stl data of the beak. The 3D software ScanViewer can directly import the 3D data to generate 3D model and use for 3D printing.

handheld 3D scanner-prince

Scanning Process

Step 1: 4 minutes to attach markers

3d scanning the animal

Step 2: 6 minutes to perform 3D scanning on the beak under red & blue laser scan mode

animal 3d laser scanningStep 3: quickly obtain accurate stl data

animal 3d stl dataStep 4: import stl data to 3D software ScanViewer and get 3D model

Step 5: making beak by 3D printing for post process and surgery

3d printing on animalAnimal protection is what we should take. We are very delight that our technology contributes to that. PRINCE 3D scanner provides the pretty fast and precise 3D solution for this poor creature. It greatly streamlines the working process to make a well-matched beak with high accuracy.

Except for 3D printing, 3D laser scanning technology also has a wide range of applications in reverse engineering, quality control, product development, etc. The advanced technology continuously enhances work efficiency and brings more convenience to this world.

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Being an Animal Protector by 3D Technologies


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