AutoScan-DUO 3D System

AutoScan-DUO is an effective automatic 3D measurement system, upgraded by AutoScan-SOLO with a wider measurement range and higher precision.

It integrates the technologies of automatic, LED optical tracking and 3D laser scanning. AutoScan takes great advantages in accuracy, measurement range, efficiency & quality, easily operating without any experience, and automatically completing the online 3D measurement.

AutoScan is positioned by a separate tracking camera. Compared with the traditional online inspection system, it has higher position precision, providing powerful technical support for industry 4.0.

Tech Specs

Type AutoScan-DUO
Measurement range Up to 10 m
System accuracy Up to 0.030 mm
Spatial accuracy 2.5 m 0.040 mm
Spatial accuracy 6 m 0.080 mm
Spatial accuracy 10 m 0.120 mm
Laser class Class II(eye safe)
Measurement rate 480,000 measurements/s
Stand-off distance 300 mm
Depth of field 250 mm
Output format stl、stp、igs、ply、xyz、dae、obj、asc or customized
Environment requirement Operating temperature range -10℃ ~ 45℃
Environment requirement Storage temperature -25℃ ~ 65℃
Environment requirement Humidity <95%,no condensation

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AutoSCAN-DUO is upgraded by AutoScan-SOLO with wider measurement range and higher precision.

Unique Tracking Technology

Led optical tracking technology, without sticker, initiative location, deliver top precision 3D digital solution.


AutoScan system delivers low-volume inspection without labor, off-line programming, easily operates without any experience, liberates labor from the traditional measurement.

Fast Speed High Precision

Self-generate Report

Military Quality

Carbon material with aerospace grade to ensure premium quality.

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