Safety Matters: 3D Inspection of Snowplow’s Parts

Safety Matters: 3D Inspection of Snowplow’s Parts

Jan 04, 2020

Snowplow becomes an indispensable removal device in winter for the north area. It is used for clearing snow and ice on the road, and keeping vehicles, airplanes and pedestrians safe.

What customer needs?

Due to the peculiarities of the snowplow, it is hard to detect the snowplow parts, and traditional manual inspection is time-consuming and lacks accuracy. Our customer wants to get 3D data of the object for later reverse engineering through 3D scanning technology. The manufacturer has the following requirements:

  • No powder-spray
  • Obtain accurate and complete 3D data
  • Convenient to use

ScanTech 3D solution

With features of easy to scan the shiny and black object, fast acquire 3D scanning data (480,000 measurements/s), easily detect tiny deviation (0.03mm accuracy), flexible operation and self-position without an extra device, ScanTech’s HSCAN handheld 3D scanner offers a high-efficiency 3D inspection solution.

This type of 3D scanner can quickly and precisely get 3D data of the snowplow parts within 8 minutes. The data acquisition contributes to a fast reverse design.

Attach markers on the snowplow parts

Scanning by HSCAN 3D laser scanner

Point cloud data

Stl data

Color map

The HSCAN handheld 3D laser scanner offers accurate data collection that can be compared with the original CAD model to calculate deviation values, providing a fast and effective 3D solution for manufacturers to carry out product development.

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Safety Matters: 3D Inspection of Snowplow’s Parts


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