HSCAN771 Handheld 3D Scanner

HSCAN is metrology 3D scanner, adopts multiple beam lasers to obtain 3D point cloud from object surface and friendly-use to operator. It can work with photogrammetry system (MSCAN) while scanning large volume to improve volumetric accuracy.
The scanner can be conveniently carried to workshop and stable in different environment to perform high accurate 3D scanning.

Tech Specs

Laser source7 red laser crosses
(+1 extra red laser)
Scan deep holesupport
Hyperfine scansupport
Measurement rate480,000 measures/s
Scan area275mm×250mm
Laser classCLASS Ⅱ(eye safe)
AccuracyUp to 0.03mm
Volumetric accuracy0.02mm+0.06mm/m
Volumetric accuracy
(with MSCAN)
Stand-off distance300mm
Depth of field250mm
Output format. ply、.xyz、.dae、.fbx、.ma、.obj、.asc、.stl or customized
Work temperature-10~40℃
Interface modeGigabit Lan
Rapid calibrationComplete calibration within 60s
PC requirementsCPU:i7-6820HQ
Operating system:Windows 7-64 bit, Windows 8
PatentsCN204902790U, CN206905709U, CN107202554, CN204902785U, CN106403845, WO2018049843, CN106500627
WO2018072434, CN106500628, WO2018072433, CN206132003U, CN104501740

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Fast Scanning High Precision

Self-Position Dynamic Measuring

Real-time Visualization

High Adaptability

Easy to scan in narrow space

Less than 1kg, flexible & portable, HSCAN 3D scanner has no limitation to measure narrow space.

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HSCAN771 Handheld 3D Scanner

The Question

The question is the spring-back of the wheel cover. Rebounding is one of the most important defects of sheet metal forming processes, it seriously affects the quality of punching and dimensional accuracy, which is hard to overcome during the manufacturing process. It can’t be test by traditional way, so the product can’t be adjust.

The Solution

When the concept of virtual reality became more and more popular In 2016, VR is well known by everyone,however,3D scanning technology is rarely noticed .3D scanning technology required for 3D remodeling is widely applied to architecture, business, medical, military, industrial, film and television effects, 3D printing, and the hottest VR, AR, etc.

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HSCAN771 Handheld 3D Scanner


How to capture large volume 3D data
It is hard for traditional CMM to control the quality and test the deformation of key parts because of large curve surface.


MSCAN photogrammetry system work with HSCAN 3D scanner can acquire the head of metro accurately and quickly, and generate the color map by comparing with the original CAD.

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3D Model

Open Spindle On Crusher

Air-conditioning Compressor

Galloping horse treading on a flying swallow




3D scanning plays an important role in mold manufacture, bring unprecedented value to mold inspection, recover and manufacture

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Machinery Manufacturing

Machinery Manufacturing

3D scanning provides competitive advantages to manufacturers and widely applies to each industry of value chain in machinery manufacture.

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Health Care

Health Care

3D scanning provides accurate 3d digital service in Medical care such as artificial organs, prosthesis design, Medical Cosmetology.

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Enabling gaming, 3D movie studios to satisfy the creative imaginings more efficiently than ever before.

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VR Showcase

VR Showcase

3D scanning provides great convenience in Virtual display such as VR decoration, VR game & etc.

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Antique & Sculpture

Antique & Sculpture

3d scanning widely apply to culture relic digitalization, culture relic repair, digital museum.

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Education & Research

Education & Research

3D scanning provides powerful technical support for university training and institutes research project.

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Education & Research