3D Scanning Makes Well-qualified Car Hood?

3D Scanning Makes Well-qualified Car Hood?

Apr 17, 2019

Car hood, an indispensable component of car, protects the engine, circuit, brake system, etc. However, it is usually hard to be assembled due to the deviations of welding and parts, so inspection on production and installation becomes very essential.

Car hood

What do automakers need?

Improving inspection efficiency has always been the pursuit of automakers. The car hood is large so that is time-consuming for CMM to measure it; there are dead angles and complex areas during welding, which causes the caliper measurement fails to capture the details. Obviously, work efficiency can’t be promoted by conventional measurements. Therefore, the automakers urgently need a 3D inspection device with fast speed as well as high accuracy.


Q1: what’s the purpose for 3D scanning of the car hood?

With the help of 3D inspection, automakers will get the deviation values between finished car hood and CAD drawing. Moreover, the holes and mounting fasteners should also be accurately measured so that automakers will know whether the installation requirements are satisfied.

Q2: what’s the traditional measurement method?

When measuring car hood, the traditional measurement CMM will encounter such problems:

  • CMM probe will damage the smooth surface of car hood
  • CMM measures the object by sensing discrete points with a probe, so it works slowly
  • Special fixtures are required, which will produce extra measurement cost

ScanTech 3D solution

ScanTech uses HSCAN handheld 3D laser scanner to measure the curved surface, holes and mounting fasteners of the car hood. For more complex areas, our 3D scan software ScanViewer can improve scanning precision by adjusting the parameters among points. The deviations can be fast obtained by comparing with CAD drawing.

HSCAN 3D scanner is characterized by:

  • Easily and accurately measure the dead angles & deep holes
  • No damages by non-contact measurement
  • Fast measuring speed & flexible operation
  • Scanning reflective surface without spraying powder

handheld 3D laser scanner

Scanning process

  • Attaching markers: 3 minutes
  • Scanning time: 3 minutes

car hood 3D scanning

Scanning car hood by HSCAN 3D scanner
  • Data process

3D point cloud & stl data

3D point cloud & stl data
  •  Contrast detection

3D Data analysis

HSCAN 3D scanner only takes several minutes to get 3D deviation map. It not only greatly improves the work efficiency of 3D inspection in automotive manufacturing, but also provides a professional technical solution for quality control of automakers. HSCAN 3D scanner truly brings automakers strong competitiveness in products’ quality and quantity. It is widely used in automotive manufacturing, for more applications, please read the following articles:

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3D Scanning Makes Well-qualified Car Hood?


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