TrackScan-SOLO 3D System

TrackScan-SOLO 3D system includes 3D scanning and probing functions.

TrackScan-SOLO rapidly obtains high accuracy of the 3D model without attaching markers, truly realizing nondestructive testing.

TrackScan-SOLO 3D system is composed of the M-Tracker navigation camera, 3D scanner and TrackProbe light pen. It has high flexibility and works directly without preparation.

Tech Specs

TypeTrackScan -Solo
Measurement range15m6m
System AccuracyUp to 0.03mmUp to 0.04mm
Spatial accuracy2.5m0.08mm
Spatial accuracy6m0.15mm
Spatial accuracy10m0.30mm
Light penWireless carbon material
Probe typeSupport quick change probe
Laser classClassII(eye safe)
Measurement rate480000 measures/s
Stand-off distance300mm
Depth of field250mm
Output formatigsstl、stp、igs、ply、xyz、dae、obj、asc
Environment requirementWork temperature-10℃~45℃
Environment requirementStorage temperature-25℃~65℃
Environment requirementHumidity<95%,no condensation

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TrackScan DUO is upgraded by TrackScan SOLO with wider measurement range and higher precision.

Unique Tracking Technology

Led optical tracking technology, without sticker, initiative location, deliver top precision 3D digital solution.

Dual Modes

Top Precision

Large Measurement Range

Flexible Measurement Solution

TrackScan-DUO with two sets M-tracker, involve all function of TrackScan Solo, support 1 or 2
cameras optical tracking solution.Expand special measurement and improve accuracy
under 2 camera, adjust camera location according to scan area and accuracy requirements.

Military Quality

Carbon material with aerospace grade to ensure premium quality

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